Romeo and Juliet by Hey! Say! JUMP

Yay !
hey there HSJ lovers :) we got A BIG SURPRISED NOW !
i think u all already knew it :D
but i just wanna post it and review again , no problem ok?
so check it out :

so kawaiii and also cool yawwnn~~ <33 it so much !
thx a lot for @hsjump cause u already told me about this ^__^

Yama-kun looks so cool and i <3 it so much huwaaa~ *melt*
i snipped his scenes
OMG it makes me melting and very happy

wish : You can be the Romeo and of course I'm the Juliet

btw, Ino-kun was not here right?
Someone said he is sick :'(
get well soon ino-kun !! ^__^

can't wait their other songs !

Tasya or Tasyamada


Happy Birthday Yuri Chinen

YOU'RE MY 2-ban




Happy Idul Adha :)

to all of the moslem in this world i and my family wanna say
happy idul adha

akhirnya lebaran haji udh tibaa
besok kira2 dapet thr gak yaa ? kan lumayan buat nambahin duit tabungan ^__^
maaf ya kalo aku atau keluargaku ada salah sama kalian smuaa
love you all full ^__^


The Gift From My Bestfriend in Philippines

I was so glad cause of ur draw sist !!
I like it very muchoo thanks a lotta ^___^

From the very beginning when i was browsing my facebook( hiaaaaaiks ) and joining the kurama's fansclub, i found the other member her name is "MATSUO MICHIKO" i thought she is japanese but she isn't. She is a Philippines. I have heard her sad story about her family ( sorry to hear that ) it was sad not sad but VERY VERY SAD STORY :(
Uhmmm let's continue to the happy story yawwwwwww
When her birthday comes i gave her my draw ( it's was awful but i hope she like it )
======== i wont share my draw here ==================

After that she give me a nice draw ( kyaaa soo good ) i think she'll be an artist

one more time THX A LOTTA SIST ^__^

Hey! Say! JUMP First Photobook

I wanna buy it so muchoooooooo >.< i'm dying without it

Hey!Say!JUMP First Photobook LIVE Concert Message

ps: ryo-chan dan kawan2 hsj kawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love you all fulllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HSJ'S Handwriting

heyheyheyheyheyhey ^__^
this time i wanna show you all THE HJS' HANDWRITING


I love of all their handwriting but the most is keito's ^__^
His hanwriting is so pretty and looks elegant ( walaupun org jepang yg tulisannya susah nauzubillah dya masih bisa nulis inggris yg segitu bagusnya ckckckckc MADERA = masa depan cerah nih pasti org ) love this so muchoo ^__^


ryosuke's ( my ichiban )

*see my lovely bf's handwriting*
kyaaaaaaa his handwriting looks so good too (walaupun tulisannya kurang teratur tapi meghibur ada gambar2 gitu) love thiss so muchoo too ^__^



hey semuaaa ^__^
hmmm rasanya udh lama gak ngeblog ( padahal baru 1 minggu aja ) LOL =D
sekarang aku mau ngisi award yg ntah darimana ini dapetnya dan karena ichiban aku itu HSJ jadi aku isi aja LOL AGAIN

1. Nama lengkap : Nuzurani Tasya Zafara
2. Panggilan : Tasya , Zuzu
3. HSJ merupakan grup kesukaan no brp di JE : nomor satu dong ^___^
4. Sejak kapan suka HSJ : udh lam sih pas lagi nonton animax musik gara2 lagu mereka enak didenger trus aku ngebrowsing internet dan nyari di fb trus langsung cinta gituu terutama sama RYOSUKE YAMADA alias ryo-chan
6. Lagu HSJ terfavorit : banyak bgt tapi yg suka bgt yaitu YOUR SEED , DREAMS COME TRUE, MAYONAKA NO SHADOW BOY, dan lain lain
7. Apa yang akan kamu KATAKAN jika tiba2 berpapasan dengan salah satu member HSJ di Ngurah Rai : hmm... yg penting jangan sampai sia-siakan kesempatan itu lah contohnya mint photo bareng , minta tanda tangan, minta dya buat nyanyi didepan aku LOL bayak amat neng permintaannya LOL AGAIN.
8. Proyek apa yang paling kamu pengenin untuk HSJ : konser dan homestay forever in my house LOL gede amat rumahku bisa nampung sgitu org.
9. Fandom apa yang kamu ikuti jika HSJ tidak pernah terbentuk : ehmmm... kayaknya gaada soalnya yg ada dihatiku cuma HSJ ♥ LOL
10. Pesan untuk opa Johnny : apa ya ?? take care HSJ especially for my ichiban Ryosuke ^__^

many many question for RYOSUKE YAMADA ^__^

i'll comment his answer in the bracket ( .. )

What is your charm feature? Chubby cheeks ( i think so )

How would others describe your personality? Like things his way and stubborn.
Sometimes I don’t listen to my mom when she orders me to sleep early ( me too LOL )

Something you are proud of? I can eat ice cream really fast. When Chinen and I were eating the ice cream, I already finished mine when Chinen is only halfway ( kyaaaa we have the same award >.< LOL i can eat ice cream really fast than my other friends too. They're always say "if you eat ice cream with tasya , you must be surprise cause she can eat very faster than you" hear that i just can LOL LOL and LOL )

How will you propose? Let me have your hear ( LOL =D )

Your weakness? Ticklish on the sides

Your hobby right now? Computer games ( yay ! i love computer games to like THE SIMS, kind of FRENZY and girls games )

What do you usually buy at the convenience store? Snacks, mostly gummy candies ( i agree with you !!!!!! )

Most expensive thing you ever bought? A wallet. It costs 40000 yen but it would last long so it is worth it ( LOL if i were you i will use the 40000 yen for buy your dorama )

Your treasure is: My guinea pigs, rabbit and hamster. My house is like a zoo ( you're too cute ryo-chan i love hamster and rabbit too but i don't have it cause i afraid and sad if these cute animals are die )

What is something you should apologize for: None because I always apologize when I’ve done something wrong ( yeah you right )

Hair style you want to try out: Brown hair ( i wanna try that too but my mom doesn't allow me to do that )

Favorite stylish accessories? Hats. I have 20 of them but I actually only wear 5 ( i love hat but i'm shy to wearing that thing )

Favorite color? White

Afraid of? Ghosts, dark places, airplanes. Too many? ( not too many of course i hate that too but i'm not too afraid with airplanes )

What is a recent dream you had: I was in the world of Biohazard and fighting an enemy with bare hands ( wow cool i like dreaming me with my enemies are fighting and there is a hero that help me from now on i wish That HERO is you ^__^ )

Your type of girl: Kind and honest girl ( ^__^ )

What would you not want a girl to do? To cheat on me

A word from a girl that would make you happy? Thank you ( yeah i'm very like if someone say thanks to me )

A word from a girl that would shock you? Disgusting ( i don't like that word too )

When would you get married?: I think I will be late because I’m in the entertainment business. But I would love to get married by 25

How many kids do you want? 2 or 3

Anything you want to say to your feature wife? I am very noisy but lets live a lively life ( i understand that hahah loveyou )

Name for your kids: For a boy Tsubasa (feather)or Ku (Sky). For a girl Umin (Sea). I want a fresh feeling name ( i like tsubasa's name )

What does your family call you by? Ryosuke

Your most memorable family holiday is? Hakone. I went in the hot springs. I want to go again ( where is it ? i hope i can go there too )

What do you call your parents by? Ka-chan for mom and To-chan for dad. When I want my dad to play with me I call him “big brother”

First memory you remember? My father chasing me in the mask of a Barutan alien. I was so scared

Your Childhood dream is? Become Ultra-man but later on I wanted to be a soccer player ( you can reach your dream ^__^ )

The most serious injury you had? In a soccer practice I broke my right index and middle finger. Another time I failed doing a back flip and broke my right index and middle finger again as well as my little finger ( your ghastly experience is so bad sorry to hear that )

Talent classes you went when you were small? Soccer and Art classes ( little ryo-chan is very talented boy LOL ^__^ )

Favorite place at school? My desk. I can sleep on it during breaks ( yooo ! )

Favorite school lunc?: Soy ramen ( can i try it ?)

Least favorite school lunch? Some sort of fish that I have no idea

Favorite subject: Everything other than Japanese, Math and Society

Lest favorite subject? Japanese math and society

Favorite sport activity? 50m sprint because I’m always in the top 3 ( me too, they all said that i'm the super in sprint . right guys ? so confident )

Least favorite sport activity? Ball rolling

Responsibility in class? Health

What do you do in your break time? Sleeping or soccer ( yeah sleeping )

The longest phone conversation? 40 min. Most of the time it ends in 2 seconds, like telling my mom I am coming home ( i agree with you ! )

How many times do you mail in one day? 6 times. Mostly family members ( i'd love to mailing with you but i don't know what is ur email address )

How many mails are in saved in your mobile phone? 80 ( wow )

Place you want to go? England, where Keito used to live ( me too i wanna go to england and search the information for king arthur )

You won $3billion, how would you use ot? I’m going to be confused first. I would buy a Ferrari and go to the movies. The leftovers I would save ( i love your opinion )

If you are the prime minister of Japan you will? I’m going to make prices cheaper. Especially clothes. It is just fabric

What do you want to do most if you become a girl? Talk in high voice ( yeah )

What do you want to say to yourself in 10 years? You are old

What would you do on the last day of Earth? Sleep. If I sleep during death I won’t feel the pain ( LOL )

Who do you want from HSJ to be your boyfriend? Takaki kun. Because he is nice

Who do you want from HSJ to be your son? Keito. Because he is reliable and sometimes funny

Who do you want from HSJ to be your older or little brother? For older brother, Hikaru. For little brother, Ryutaro. Because both of them are really funny and I don’t think I would get bored with them



heyaaa all nice to meet ya again =D
This time i wanna tell you all about my IDOL ! ( i have many idols but this is my true IDOL )

This boy band is from JAPAN. There are 10 member ( 5 from HEY! SAY! BEST and 5 from HEY! SAY! 7 )
i'll introduce them


First, we got the leader "KOTA YABU"
Date of birth: January 31, 1990 (age 19)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood Type: A

Second, Yaotome Hikaru
Date of birth: December 2, 1990 (age 18)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Sendai, Japan
Blood Type: O

Third, Inoo Kei
Date of birth: June 22, 1990 (age 19)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
Blood Type: A

Forth, Takaki Yuya
Date of birth: March 26, 1990 (age 19)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Blood Type: O

Fifth, Arioka Daiki
Date of birth: April 15, 1991 (age 18)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Chiba-ken, Japan
Blood Type: A

From HEY! SAY! 7

Sixth, Ryosuke Yamada <3
Date of birth: May 9, 1993 (age 16)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: B

Seventh, Yuto Nakajima <3
Date of birth: August 10, 1993 (age 16)
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: A

Eighth, Yuri Chinen <3
Date of birth: November 30, 1993 (age 15)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type : AB

Nineth, Morimoto Ryoutaro
Date of birth: April 6, 1995 (age 14)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Kanagawa-ken, Japan
Blood Type: A

And the last, Okamoto Keito
Date of birth: April 1, 1993 (age 16)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: O



My ICAS Score

alhamdulillah makasi ya allah =)


:) Anime Kesukaanku (:

Top 10 Anime Kesukaanku

1. Yakitate Ja-Pan

2. Fate / Stay Night

3. Hayate, The Combat Butler

4. Yu Yu Hakusho

5. Seargeant Keroro

6. God ! Save Our King

7. The Law Of Ueki

8. Alice Academy

9. Slam Dunk

10. Ginban Kaleidoscope


Pada hari terakhir MOS di SMPN 2 kalau enggak salah hari Rabu udah mulai pembagian kelas. Kami disuruh baris dilapangan untuk mendengar pengumuman kelas masing-masing murid baru. Deg deg kan aja rasanya aku berdo’a semoga aku sekelas sama yang banyak aku kenal.
Tidak lama kemudian
Kelas 7 SBI 1 sudah ditentukan muridnya trus 7 SBI 2, aku tambah deg deg kan aja karena temen-temen yg banyak aku kenal udah masuk kelas sebelumnya. Dan nggak tahunya nama aku dipanggil, yah udah deh akhirnya aku nurutin aja sama pengumuman nggak mungkin kan mau nolak sama yang bacain pengumuman “pak, saya nggak mau kelas ini” nggak mungkin kan?. Kelas ini terletak nomor 2 sehabis gudang. Seharusnya Eka juga masuk kelas ini tapi dia masih liburan. Waktu pertama kali aku menginjakkan kaki ke kelas yang catnya warna pink, aku berfikir kelas ini pasti nggak nyaman banget. aku melihat sekeliling kelas ini orang-orangnya aneh nggak ada yang kukenal kecuali Kharisma (karena kami sepupuan) dan fakhri tapi sebelumnya juga nggak pernah kenal cuma sering liat di SD aja. Kesan aku sama dua orang itu pertama kharisma kayaknya pendiem dan rajin (ehmm... putri lagi dipuji). Kedua sama Fakhri yah.. apa ya kayaknya muka- muka pasrah dan muka serius (pujian atau penghinaan, nih? ). Trus aku duduk di kursi nomor 2 bagian tengah dan didepanku ada dua anak yang pake kacamata “Aku Auliya” “Aku Annisa” mereka menyapaku (sebenarnya aku yang nanya sih, bukan disapa sama diorg) trus aku memperkenalkan diri dan nanya lagi “Ini bener kan 7 SBI 2 ?” trus anak yang namanya annisa itu jawab “ iya kok”. Kesanku pertama sama anak yg namanya Auliya ini, dia ini orgnya pinter dan sombong ( maaf iya auliya kan cuma kesan). Orang yang kedua Annisa, di orgnya serius dan pendiem ( gag tahunya ?!!) .
Setelah beberapa menit....
Ada sosok guru dari pintu masuk kelas ini “Good morning students, my name is Mr. Amran” (kalo nggak salah gitu pak amran memperkenalkan diri, maaf ya pak kalo salah) trus pak Amran memberitahu mata pelajaran sama kami dan nanya siapa yang mau jadi ketua kelas, tiba-tiba ada seseorang yang duduk di belakang mengacungkan tangannya trus dia maju kedepan kelas. Kesan pertama aku sih dia itu orang CINA dan agamanya yah bukan islam (sori banget ya bagi org ini, itu cuma perkiraan aja).”Nama saya Liu Nado” dan pertama dia nanya wakil ketua kelas kata banyak anak laki sih “Fadhil..Fadhil” . kesan pertama aku sama anak yang pake tas naruto “siapa yang mau jadi sekertaris?” trus bagian anak cewek bilang “Zulfa...Zulfa aja kan tulisannya bagus”. Kesan pertama aku ngeliat anak yang rambutnya bergelombang ini adalah tegas dan tentunya kayak yang diaorg omongin tulisannya bagus. Trus Nado nanya lagi “ Siapa yang mau jadi Bendahara? “ . dan lagi-lagi muncul lagi suara dari bagian anak cewek “Tisa...Tisa dia pinter ngitung”. Kesan pertama aku ngeliat cewek keriting berkacamata ini, dia orangnya penyabar dan seperti yang dikatakan pinter ngitung.
Abis itu aku ngeliat kebelakang tempat dudukku ada anak yang ribut pake tas naruto yang warnanya sangat menonjol yang lagi ngomong sama temen sebelahnya. Kesan pertama aku sama anak ini adalah lucu dan juga kayaknya anak ini disayang sama orang tuanya (lain kata dimanja ortu, sori lagi deh sama org ini). Nggak lama ada keributan di bagian cewek, pas aku ngeliat ternyata anak yang jadi sekertaris itu lagi marah sama anak laki. Dia nunjukin emosinya trus ditahan sama anak yang rambutnya dikucir dan pake kacamata = SSS. Kesan pertama aku sama anak ini adalah dia orangnya gak suka berantem dan kayaknya pecinta damai ( bahasa aku lebai deh, hahahahaha). Pas ngeliat anak ini marah, aku kayaknya nggak mau coba maen-maen sama anak ini. Kesan kedua aku adalah anak yang namanya Zulfa ini serius dan nggak suka ribet ( wow, ada kesan keduanya. Sabar ya yang belum aku kasih kesan.. :p ). Akhirnya Zulfa berhenti marah dan nggak lama kemudian ada seorang anak yang minjem hp sama aku trus anak ini nelpon maminya “halo mami........................” keras-keras kayaknya kedengeran sekelas, kesan aku sama anak ini ialah pasti anak manja dan agak centil ( maap ia yang merasa J )
Kebetulan hari ini kami ada jam olahraga jadi, kami disuruh ganti baju olahraga. Tapi baju olahraga SD, kan yg baju smpnya belum dibagiin. Trus kami rame-rame ke WC, aku ke wc sama seorang anak namanya Nia (soalnya aku udah nanya). Kesan aku sama anak ini adalah kayaknya pinter ngomong dan telaten (aku sih sempet mikir nia ini mirip kayak ghaida) . Setiap 1 ruangan harus ada 2 orang. Waktu itu aku barengan sama anak cewek yang tinggi dan rambutnya yang panjang. “Nama kamu siapa?” sapa anak tsb. “Tasya. Kamu?” tanya aku. “Pretty” jawab anak tsb. Kesan aku sama anak yang namanya Pretty ini adalah kayaknya banyak temen dan baik. Setelah selesai kami melakukan pemanasan kami dikasih instruksi-instruksi sama Pak Sutrisno (guru olah raga SMP 2) katanya kalau mau olahraga kita ke lapangan brimob, kalo lapangan brimob dipake kami suruh ke tempat lain kalo gag salah waktu itu disbutin stadion.
Selesai olah raga ..
Pada kecapean tapi ganti baju lagi kali ini aku ganti baju sendiri soalnya masih sepi (hha cari kesempetan )
Trus aku gag begitu inget pelajaran apa, aku Cuma inget guru-guru pada perkenalan diri pas pertama ngajar kami
Pas aku dateng ke kelas dengan seragam Jum’at SD AK, aku ngeliat eka naro tasnya disamping bangku yang aku dudukin trus aku nyari eka. Kesan aku sama eka waktu itu, aku sih waktu itu gag seberapa tahu tentang eka kelihatannya eka akrab sama hampir anak-anak cewek dan gaul (yaiyalah eka..). trus pas belajar ada sepasang anak laki yang tingginya hampir sama pokoknya diorang ini kayak anak kembar nanya-nanya aku sama eka, pas aku tanya nama nya 2orang ini adalah pertama Rangga. Kesan aku sama anak ini rangga ini kayaknya bisa dianggap sebagai adik alias berjiwa untuk menjadi seorang adik ( bahasanya ketinggian). Dan Adam Hmm... aku pikir dia ini agak baik tapi bandel (hahahaha... sori ya adam ).
Dhea : aku pikir dhea ini anak yang baik dan tak kan menahan amarahnya jika sedang marah ( aduh, bahasa yang apa ya? )
Irfan : orang ini pasti cuek abis dan kurang baik sama temen kecuali tmen deketnya
Jeska : perkiraanku sama jeska yaitu anak yang pendiam dan tidak sombong
Syarif : hmm... apa ya ? kayaknya penyendiri (eh, maaf ya )
Hasan : alim itu sih yang pertama aku pikirin semua juga pasti mikir gitu kan?
Nabilla : Wih, kalo nabil kayaknya cinta kebersihan dan kerapian (soalnya nabil gga mau barang2nya acak2an dan kotor ) perthankan itu!!
Panji : udah banyak tmen sekelas aku yang namanya panji, mereka semua bandel yah.... jadi itulah kesanku sama panji (maaf J )
Zata : pinter olahraga dan gampang nangis (sori aja ya, ta )



Ggu lagi suka ama M.Y.M.P, grup band asal Filipina. Mrk tuh jago banget akustiknya. Waw kerennnn. Apalagi dengerin dentingan gitarnya yang syahdu, enak banget tuk ngilangin penat kepala setelah ngadepin pelajaran sekolah.

Setelah searching di Google, ternyata grup band MYMP itu kepanjangan dr "Make Your Momma Proud. Lucu juga ya namanya, tapi lagu2nya keren2, "Especially for you", "True Colors" , "So Perfect", "Friend of Mine", "Whenever, Whereever, Whatever", dan "Only Reminds Me of You" (lagu terakhir ini disukain ama my mom juga).

Emang sih semua lagu mrk itu daur ulang ... Tapiiiiii menurut ggu lebih bagus dari penyanyi sebelumnya. Apalagi ditambah akustik gitarnya.....tambah jatuh cinta deh dengan MYMP.

Personelnya 1 cewek, and 4 cowok.

Diantara lagu mrk, ggu fav bener ama Especially 4U dengan True Colors. Coba simak liriknya, bagus banget, terutama True Colors. . Indaaah banget. Pesan dari lagu ini adalah "Don't be afraid to show your TRUE COLORS coz your true colors are beautiful like a Rainbow". So jangan takut , Tunjukkan kita bisa. Semangaaat ya....!!!