Romeo and Juliet by Hey! Say! JUMP

Yay !
hey there HSJ lovers :) we got A BIG SURPRISED NOW !
i think u all already knew it :D
but i just wanna post it and review again , no problem ok?
so check it out :

so kawaiii and also cool yawwnn~~ <33 it so much !
thx a lot for @hsjump cause u already told me about this ^__^

Yama-kun looks so cool and i <3 it so much huwaaa~ *melt*
i snipped his scenes
OMG it makes me melting and very happy

wish : You can be the Romeo and of course I'm the Juliet

btw, Ino-kun was not here right?
Someone said he is sick :'(
get well soon ino-kun !! ^__^

can't wait their other songs !

Tasya or Tasyamada