Loooong time no bloggin'!

minna-san! see those photos
it was my first cupcakes i made it by myself ^^

it was my third cupcakes i made it by myself the second is fail cupcakes. the 3rd are just like "tahu bulat" lol

It the "bolu kukus" i made it in Dhea's house with zulfa. i tried to make "" on one of the cakes but you can see its like letter "E" lol but i love it^^

yama-chan with a baby, aren't they so kawaii~?
kyaaaaaa~ i love those pics^^
the baby is so lucky, she/he got chance to take pictures with yama-chan
ITS MY BIGGEST DREAM kyakyakyakya~

By the way, Hey! Say! JUMP will release the new album this summer, cant wait to see and buy it (>_<) so from now i'll save my much money from my daily pocket money lol I hope it wont be so expensive! ^^ oh yeah dont forget to follow or mention me at my twitter @tasyamada